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We are a values-focused agency that strives to provide meaningful communications and intuitive strategies for Indigenous communities, government agencies, not for profits and certified B Corporations around the world. We exist to help them feel individually and collectively supported, empowered, and clear in their unique path forward to creating change and making a difference.

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Public Relations, or PR, is a strategic communications process that manages how a targeted audience feels about a person, company or brand. Effective PR establishes and builds mutually beneficial relationships through effective storytelling and meaningful interactions. PR is “earned visibility” – through word-of-mouth, a good social media strategy or a good relationship with the press – which is valued higher than “paid visibility,” a.ka. advertising. PR can help your good products become great products and strengthen your brand identity.

While it’s true an effective PR strategy can smooth over a negative event, article or slip of the tongue, crisis management isn’t its sole purpose. Using PR exclusively in times of crisis means potential clients will only hear about you at your lows. Maintaining a consistent presence, both the good and the bad, will grow awareness of your brand and build brand loyalty among your client base.

A new, growing or established business, regardless of its size, can benefit from a working with a team of PR and communications professionals. We take a holistic and values-focused approach to PR and communications – no two strategies  for our clients are ever the same. Let us know your goals and we’ll provide options for solutions to elevate your message or streamline your internal communications processes.

Yes! We understand things happen and immediate PR support is needed in a timely and efficient manner. We can often provide a solutions within 24 hours of signing a client service agreement. Fill out our contact form or call our office and we’ll address your issue as soon as possible.

Tell us more – we are here to listen and support you as you navigate social, cultural and political challenges of having your message heard. We have over a decade of experience of workign with underserved communities and walk alongside our clients as they work towards elevating their voices to be leaders in their space.

We are committed to have each of our clients feel like our only client. Relationships are key which is why we have account leads assigned to each of our clients. They are your point person and will ensure your questions are addresses and projects are run smoothly and efficiently.